About Us

SYMPHONIES COFFE CO., LTD is a boutique artisan coffee roasting company founded by Alain Cahen, a Master Roaster who has unique knowledge and the skill set to unlock the many potential flavours that lie dormant within the green coffee bean.

Alain's ancestors founded "Au Planteur de Caffia" in 1890 in Paris, one of France's oldest artisan coffee roasters, a cherished and renowned institution which soon flourished and had several hundreds of branches supplying retailers and individual customers with the finest coffees available.

Later Mr. Cahen's family founded another coffee roasting company, "Cafés Lanni Santa Fe", which is still operating currently from it's 6 shops located in Paris, France.

In 1992, Alain Cahen had the opportunity to be involved in the promotion and improvement of the local coffee production for The Royal Project in Chiang Mai (Thailand) and afterwards he founded Symphonies Coffe Co., Ltd.

In order to propose a coffee beyond the ordinary to it's customers, SYMPHONIES COFFE follows it's own time-proven high quality standards program.

At SYMPHONIES COFFE, we select only the finest coffee seeds in Thailand with which we create subtle assemblages, mixing the perfumed and fruity flavour of Arabica with the strength of Robusta beans.

Our beans are roasted just enough so that they will be evenly brown all the way through and then, develop their best aroma and taste.

Finally we pack the beans so they will be as delicious and aromatic when they get to you as they are when they leave our roaster.